Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Last Post Before Vegas!

Since most of the Vegas crew is leaving in the next couple of days I thought I'd make this my last post until after Vegas (unless I get on-line before I get back).

I've played 3 SNG's on UB and come in second in all 3. Once it gets down to 4 handed it takes forever. Even getting heads-up has been a long haul. I start to go crazy and finally just want to get the damn thing over with so I usually end up all-in with something less the optimum. It's only a $1 tourny so it's not a big deal. The good news is that I am happy with my play and seem to be making fewer mistakes.

Now that the obligatory poker update is over I just wanted to make a brief mention of my agenda once I arrive in Vegas.


1:16pm - arrive in Vegas

1:17pm - kiss ground

1:18pm - start calling people from the list, who will be first?

After getting our bags, Maura and I will be heading to Enterprise rent-a-car. I got a sweet deal on a compact for 4 days. From there we will probably head downtown to check-in at the Las Vegas Club Hotel. Once the bags are inside the door the plan is to head over to the Rio and join the other bloggers in the marathon railbirding event. There will probably be a food stop somewhere as well. The plan from here depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, how I feel. I know there is a plan to "storm the castle" but it all depends on how things are going.

Saturday will start way too early for me as I will want some food before the tourny but I will make it to the Aladdin in time to register and then I suppose I will have to figure out how to play this damn game in a real live casino. I pity the people at my table who will have to put up with me doing math with my fingers and quite possibly my toes. If all goes according to plan there will also be a bounty for the person who knocks me out. Maura and I will definitely be at the after party so those who won the Barry Manilow contest will have to find me to claim their prize.

Sunday I plan to sleep in but I hear there is a celebrity champagne brunch at my hotel that we may check out. After that we plan on improvising. Either Sunday or Monday there will be a visit to the Las Vegas Hilton and the new Star Trek attraction. I will also be visiting the Barry Manilow store (he has a show at the hotel). Anyone still in town who wants to join us is more than welcome just let me know that you are interested and we can figure the details out later.

Tuesday morning we will be up early as our plane leaves around 9:30am. Then it's back home to start reading the thousands of trip reports and finding out what I missed while I was doing the things that I will write up in trip reports of my own.

See you all in Vegas!

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