Wednesday, January 31, 2007

National Freedom Day

According to the calendar I saw today, tomorrow is "National Freedom Day". I'm not sure exactly what that means, I guess I'm supposed to appreciate the fact that I can play poker online in the comfort of my own home......wait a minute.....Actually this post has nothing to do with poker, the UIGEA or Neteller. For me, tomorrow is the start of a new type of freedom.

Tomorrow at 6:30pm PST, I will be walking out of the hospital I've worked at for the past five years and not going back. Yes, tomorrow is my last day of 12 hour torture as an EKG Technician. No more early mornings. No more sweaty boobs and hairy chests. No more doctors acting like they are gods while they treat their patients like crap. No more evil co-worker from hell.

After tomorrow I will be working from home. Sleeping in, staying up late, as long as my work gets done, I can set my own schedule. How fraking cool is that??

Friday, January 05, 2007

So Far, I Like It

My first week on my new work schedule went well. For those not paying attention, I'm working 2 twelve hour shifts at the hospital per week leaving me with 5 days off. Not really off, but with no commute, as my other job I can do from home or anywhere else with wireless access. 12 hours is a little much on my still bruised knee but one of the advantages to working in a hospital is an unlimited supply of ice packs.

Poker has sucked this week. If you are going to enter Al's Blogger Dead Pool, I would be a sure bet right now to be the first blogger to lose my bankroll. It won't hurt my feelings if you decide to put me on your list and I will be honest about being broke so you will get full credit.

Speaking of Dead Pool's, I am taking part in F-Train's pool. It is totally morbid but I actually subscribe to celebrity death beeper and CNN sends me an e-mail whenever someone important dies, so morbid is evidently my thing. For those who want to follow along at home, here is my list:
1. Sid Caesar
2. Dick Clark
3. Tony Curtis
4. Farrah Fawcett
5. Annette Funicello
6. Estelle Getty
7. Zsa Zsa Gabor
8. Charlton Heston
9. Meat Loaf
10. Ricardo Montalbon
11. Harry Morgan
12. Nancy Reagan
13. Keith Richards
14. Nicole Richie
15. Roy Scheider

I realize Fidel Castro is a given and I should have included him, but it just seemed too easy. There were so many choices and selecting just 15 was tough but I'm happy with my list and I think I have a couple of dark horses that may just pay off.

And with that, I am off for tonight.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome 2007!!!

Thank the gods it is finally 2007! 2006 probably wasn't my worst year ever but it was pretty damn close, at least top 3. My poker game was a great metaphor for my life in general, up and down with me seeing the down more often than I would have liked. I'm hoping the last trip to Vegas will be the turning point for both my game and my life as the highs far outweighed the lows on that trip (and those who were there know about the lows so that is saying a lot).

And that is the last I will be saying about 2006, it's gone, good riddance!

In 2007 I am looking forward to transitioning out of my job at the hospital and into the job I am doing from home for an awesome start-up. This job will also allow me travel if I want as I can work from anywhere with a wireless connection. If I can get my finances in order, I may make some appearances at some of the smaller, non-Vegas, blogger events. Plus I will probably visit my family in Maine a little more often, especially since Jet Blue now flies to Portland.

I am also hoping my poker game improves over the next year. Like I said, Vegas in December was a good start, but I want to see more consistency in my results throughout the year. So far, I've been playing a lot of HORSE on FT and I have been winning more than losing, however I have a lot of holes to plug up before that winning will mean anything. Seriously, if I leave the table with 25 cents more than I started with I consider it a win so the fact that I have been winning isn't a big deal...yet.

And that is pretty much it. No resolutions, just a lot of hope for a better year! May your year be filled with happiness and good health!