Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sometimes You Have To Give, To Get

San Jose Sharks fans across the Bay Area knew something was up when tonight's game started with no sign of players Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm, and Wayne Primeau in the line-up. Things became even more suspicious when we learned that they had been in the warm-up just minutes before. What the fuck was going on? To say the anticipation was killing me would be an understatement. My heart was beating through my chest and it wasn't time to take my heart pill.

See, the Sharks have not been playing well lately. As a matter of fact we have lost the last ten games. The local e-mail list has been clogged with trade rumors for the past week but we had no idea who would be going and what we would be getting in return. Everyone had their own opinion but not one was even close to the reality that was revealed, first on the internet, then on the game broadcast.

Tonight the Sharks made the biggest trade in their history when they traded Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm, and Wayne Primeau for the Boston Bruin's own Joe Thornton! JOE FUCKING THORNTON IS A SAN JOSE SHARK!!!!
Yeah, he's gonna look great in teal.

I'm sad to see Stuey, Sturm, and Primeau go, especially Stuart and Sturm as the only NHL team they have known is the Sharks. But players come and go, that's the nature of professional sports, and if I said the thought of having Joe Thornton on the team didn't thrill me, I'd be full of shit. His debut is Friday night and I, for one, can't wait.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Not So Much

I am a huge TV fan. I watch television every night and often have the VCR taping stuff as well. If I had to pick a favorite network I would go with CBS as they have my two favorite reality shows (Amazing Race, Survivor), my almost favorite drama (CSI), and my favorite comedy (2 and a Half Men). Because of this I was almost giddy when I found out they were going to venture into the world of Sci-Fi with a new show called Threshhold. Besides, it has Brent Spiner in the cast, how can it be bad? I tuned in to the first episode and immediately liked what I saw. Original ideas, great writing, the best acting I've seen in a while, and, in case you forgot, Brent Spiner, I was like a kid in a candy store.

My first clue that things weren't going well should have been when the show was put on a two week hiatus only to return on a different night. That's never a good sign, but I chose to ignore it, as I firmly believed CBS would give it a fair shot. Shows how stupid I am, they just cancelled it. I gave up being angry about this type of thing after ABC cancelled Cupid. It just isn't worth it, but I do like to send the network a letter informing them of my displeasure, even if there is no chance in hell of it making a difference. I just finished my e-mail to CBS but decided to re-iterate a few of my points here. Why have a blog if I can't use it to abuse a network every now and then? Those with no interest can stop reading now, otherwise, begin rant.

To those in charge at CBS,

I just want you to know how truly disappointed I am with your decision to cancel Threshold. It is an original show with a stellar cast that I don't think you ever really gave a chance. It's such a shame because I used to tell people that I thought CBS was the best network out there. Now, well, not so much.

Will I stop watching your network? No, I'm not that strong. But, I guarantee I will not be singing your praises anymore and, I will definitely think twice before watching a new show on your network.

See, I know my opinion isn't going to change your mind nor is the threat of me bad mouthing your network going to scare you, but my voice is all I have. I'm not one of those "lucky" individuals with a Nielsen box attached to their TV so this is the only way my vote actually gets counted, and it's a heck of a lot more accurate than the antiquated ratings system in place now.

I would like to thank you for showing me your true colors. CBS really is no better than any other network and only cares about the bottom line. Quality and originality isn't as important as being number one in every time slot. I get it. It makes me ill, but I get it.

No longer CBS's number one fan,

April H.

(I bit over the top, I know, but I've always had a flare for the dramatic.)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Promise Broken

I'm not supposed to be there anymore. I promised myself at the end of last year that I would not, under any circumstances, be working at the hospital come Thanksgiving of 2005. Yet, I'm still there.

See, some shit went down between Thanksgiving and Christmas of last year, shit that would have gotten a certain person fired had it happened anywhere else. Unfortunately, there are too many people who are scared of her so she still works there. Had I gotten an apology maybe I would feel less depressed about the whole situation but I never got anything resembling an "I'm sorry" so I'm really hating the job right now. I should have walked the day it all started but I'm a chicken shit with bills to pay and medications that won't pay for themselves. So, I'm still there.

The bright side is that I am involved in a new business venture and the future is looking great. It's just going to be a few more months before it turns into a full time gig but, it has actually turned out to be my dream job. I love it so much that I don't care when I spend most of my Saturday working, not to mention most nights during the week. I want this company to succeed because they recognize what I have to offer and have treated me with the utmost respect since the end of my first month (had to prove myself a bit in the beginning). I don't think I was ever treated this well at the hospital and I stopped caring after all the crap went down. I'm barely there, even when I'm there and, in case you haven't figured it out, I'm still there, four fucking days a week.

So, where does all this leave me? Most days, I hate that I'm still there, that I broke a promise I made to myelf but the person who should have been fired has been on medical leave since September so it hasn't been the worst thing in the world (barely). Of course she comes back December 5th. I would rather have a root canal with no Novacaine than walk into that department and see her face. Even the light at the end of the tunnel is offering me little in the way of peace. There is a slight chance her doctor won't let her come back just yet but I'm not holding my breath as he has already delayed her return by three weeks. I'd wish her a heart attack but even I am not that cruel and another one would probably kill her which could, possibly, make me feel bad (and this is all about me). Really, I'm not a mean person, I just feel like I'm trapped in a corner and I'm getting claustrophobic.

Truthfully, I'll just suck it up and plow on through. I'm not looking forward to it, but there really is no other option until my other job opens up. The one thing I can guarantee is that there will be no two weeks notice and no looking back. Once I get there, I won't have to be there.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I went to work today only to discover our hospital is restructuring and 55 people were losing their jobs. Unfortunately, I was NOT one of those people. Seriously, what do I have to do to get out of this job? I can't leave voluntarily because I need the benefits but I would have no objection to being "restructured". I realize I would still lose my benefits but I really don't want to be there anymore, I just can't bring myself to resign. The job itself doesn't bother me it's some of the people I work with that I really don't care to be around anymore. It's been almost a year since the department lead accused me of faking a back injury and I haven't felt any loyalty to the hospital ever since. (Yes, there is more to the story but I'm not getting into it.)

Speaking of restructuring, my tournament game could obviously use some. I did so poorly in both the Wil Wheaton and the Saturdays with Pauly tournaments that I couldn't stand to write about it. I just felt "off" in both tourneys and still haven't figured out why so I don't see the point in reliving my misery. I don't think I'll be playing in Wil's tournament this week because I have to work on Friday and I don't think I'll be home in time. I will be playing in Pauly's tourney on Saturday so I can continue to compete for last place honors.

One last thing, I HAVE BOUGHT MY PLANE TICKETS FOR VEGAS!!!!! If anyone is arriving in Vegas on December 8th at around 11:30am to noon and wants to share a cab ride to the Imperial Palace, drop me an e-mail at April9807 AT aol DOT com. I'm looking to save money in any way I can so if you can help me out I would appreciate it.

Until next time.....may the tournament tables treat you well!