Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Shouldn't Be Typing

Yesterday I had a Cortisone shot in the base of my left thumb. I doubt typing is on the list of recommended activities but this is what I do for my readers, if I actually have any left. My job has been incredibly busy. When I imagined myself working from home I pictured myself blogging every day, staying current with the Tivo, and just being able to relax whenever I felt like it. Instead, I work from sun up to sun down, 7 days a week. If I hated my job this would be a problem but I actually love this job and want this company to be successful. If it means rearranging the picture I had in my head, so be it.

Probably the worst part of working from home is the amount of time I am inactive. I've put on the weight I lost and added a few more pounds. It's not something I'm proud of but I really should have expected it. At the hospital I was on my feet all day, now I sit on my ass all day. It's not exactly conducive to maintaining my slightly overweight frame and definitely not going to help me to lose weight. So, I have been trying to get up off my ass and start walking. Since I'm not a big fan of sunlight this hasn't worked all that well but, I'm trying and every little bit helps.

Actually I did lose some weight last weekend. My dad, stepmom and I all went to get our hair cut. Mine hadn't been cut since last June so it was desperately needed. We went to this little hole in the wall where the price range is $8 and up. Kind of an Asian Supercuts. I sat in the chair and the little Asian lady started doing her thing. At one point she stopped and asked if it was short enough. I made the mistake of saying no. Next thing I knew I had the shortest haircut I have ever had. With the curl it falls just to the bottom of my ears. I spent most of the week reaching back to take my hair out of the ponytail that didn't exist. Luckily, once I got over the shock, I realized I like the cut. Not bad for $10.

One last thing before my hand gives out. I played in one of the Full Tilt PPA freerolls on Friday. These were set up as part of a promotion to get people to join the PPA and the top 18 got a custom Full Tilt Jersey. I didn't realize how much I wanted the damn thing until I got so close I could feel the jersey on my skin. So what do I do? I go out in 27th place, 9 fucking places from the prize. If it hadn't been for a couple of really good suckouts, I would have been out a lot earlier and probably wouldn't have been as pissed about missing the damn jersey by 9 fucking places. As all the pros say...."That's poker!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The First Couple of Poker

When it comes to professional poker players my dad is almost completely clueless. He knows a few names and even fewer faces but wanted to go with me to Bay 101 and check things out. Yesterday was a bit disappointing for him because Shannon Elizabeth didn't show up. I tried to make up for it by pointing out Liz Lieu, Cyndy Violette and Vanessa Ruosso. Today he was looking forward to seeing Jennifer Tilly and Phil Laak.

Jennifer and Phil both had bounties on their heads so they were at different tables. Since my dad couldn't get a good view of Jennifer I made sure to point out Isabelle Mercier and Evelyn Ng who were both in his view range. After player introductions we ate lunch at the Deli and by the time we finished both Jennifer and Phil had been eliminated from the tournament. I figured they would be long gone so I was pleasantly surprised to find them signing autographs and taking photos with anyone who asked. They were very gracious, signing for at least a half an hour, and didn't seem to care that they were both out of the tournament. My dad didn't get their autographs (I did!) but he did comment on how cool it was that they would do that. Especially since other players couldn't get out of there fast enough when they got beat. So I have now dubbed them the first couple of poker for their graciousness to their fans.

I didn't stay very long at the tournament today as I wasn't feeling very good. I don't know how they decide who to put bounties on though. Johnny Chan, Dan Harrington, and Ted Forrest were all there but not considered "stars" this year. How do you not make Johnny Chan a "shooting star"? Maybe it's better this way. Last I checked he was still in the tournament while a lot of the bounty players were gone.

Monday, March 12, 2007

"He looks like a little weasel!"

When I arrived at Bay 101 the action had already started. My dad came with me for the first couple of hours so I was showing him around, trying to figure out which "star" was at which table. I soon ran into the Poker Shrink and got some information. Shannon Elizabeth was a no show, much to my dad's dismay, but Liz Lieu had been asked to take her place as a "star". I'll let the guys decide if that is an upgrade or not. Also a no show was James Woods although his name was still on the schedule for today. Hellmuth had yet to arrive but that didn't surprise me. I should have asked the Shrink what the over/under was on his arrival.

My dad really doesn't know what any of the pros look like with one exception. He watched Rob and Amber's Vegas reality show so he had seen Daniel Negraneau a few times. Daniel was wearing an Owen Nolan Sharks Jersey and, when I pointed him out, my dad came up with the brilliant line that is the title of this post. Score one for dad.

Dad and I ate lunch in the Deli and, shortly after the first break I had to take him back to work. When I returned to Bay 101 about 20 minutes later, Hellmuth was still not there. I managed to find a nice place to stand and had a great view of a table that featured Kenna James, Doug Le, and Tuan Le. Tuan went all-in a couple of times and managed to double up each time. Then, about 3 hours and 13 minutes after the star, Phil Hellmuth showed up. He was at the table just to the right of the one I was watching. You would think that, since he was so late, he would be interested in doubling up soon, instead he wandered around and chatted it up with some of the other pros.

Last year, about 4 hours into the tournament they had already lost about 8 shooting stars. This year, the first didn't get knocked out until after Phil arrived. That lucky star was none other than Kathy Liebert. Shortly after Hoyt Corkins, Vanessa Ruosso, and Eli Elizra were knocked out. At that point the second break was upon us and I decided to head home. Still in when I left were: Tuan Le, Kenna James, David Williams, Gavin Smith, Cyndy Violette, J.C. Tran, Liz Lieu, Daniel Negraneau, Scotty Nguyen, Chad Brown, Freddy Deeb, Josh Arieh, Allen Cunningham, Hellmuth, John Hennigan, Nam Le, Tom McEvoy, and Robert Williamson.

I'll be back tomorrow for day two.

EDIT: I was just checking out Cardplayer to see who was knocked out since I left and noticed that Kathy Liebert is still listed on the leaderboard. I repeat....She was the first "Star" knocked out, she is no longer in the tournament despite what Cardplayer is saying. I had way less access than they do and I knew she was out, get with it Cardplayer!

I also just went back and read through some of Cardplayer's coverage, not only do they not have Kathy Liebert listed as being out but they have John Hennigan listed as being the first "star" knocked out. I can assure you that when I left at 3:45pm he was still playing, I had a good view of the back of his head.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mixed Post

Today I played in the BloggerPod tournament. I finished in 44th. I was kicked in the junk by a donkey who's best, and only, move was all-in. As I said to Waffles upon exiting, I tried. Stupid turn card.

Tomorrow is the start of the Bay 101 Shooting Star tournament. This is the WPT stop where the "Pro's" have bounties on their heads. Day 1 may be the most interesting with Hellmuth and Matusow playing. Day one also features Daniel "would you like some cheese with that whine?" Negreanu, James Woods, Shannon Elizabeth, and Kathy Liebert. If anything interesting happens I'll definitely post it.

The Sharks are winning again and I'm looking forward to the playoffs. That is all I'll say on that subject as I don't want to offend the great and powerful Hockey gods.

The Amazing Race All-Stars (SPOILER)
I seriously don't know if I will continue to watch or not. I know a lot of people are sick of Rob and Amber but I like them. Without them I think the show will get boring fast and I really don't have a favorite now. Oh and Rob, I think you need to invest in some spelling lessons. It's Philippines not Philippeans.

That's all I got for tonight. My brain actually shut off in the middle so I'm surprised I got that out. I will have a report from the Shooting Star though so look for that tomorrow.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

What The Frack!!!!!!!!!!

I just got done watching Battlestar Galactica and I'm in total and complete shock!!!!! If you don't watch you can skip this post and if you do watch and haven't watched yet....What the fuck are you waiting for??? I won't ruin it for the Tivo crowd but have I said "What the fuck" yet? I realize there is probably more going on then meets the eye (Cylon anyone?) but right now I can't believe it! Even as it was happening I didn't think it was happening. After the credits rolled I expected someone to come on the screen and say, "Ha, ha, early April Fool's". Hell, the TV is off and I'm expecting it to come on my screen.

What are the writers thinking????

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Little Bit of Everything

I didn't play much poker in February. I thought that since I was working from home I would have more time for poker but, the truth is, I have less. Or maybe I'm just bored and need a break from the game. I made the decision at the end of January to stop playing above my limits (I know I should have been doing that all along) and I've been sticking to it. The 25 cent tables are boring as hell. As for $1.25 sit-n-go's, well, they are all-in crapshoots. I usually just sit and wait for good cards and can get in the top four. Of course, top 3 pays so I've bubbled a few times and taken third a lot. I have yet to win because I suck at heads up. But, with my bankroll, I have no business playing at higher levels.

And, I'm registered. Are you?

Bay 101 Shooting Star
It's almost time for the WPT's stop in the Bay Area. The week of March 12th all the big names will be in town with bounties on their heads. I'll be making the 5 minute trek to the card club to check out the action and I'll be back here with my take on the action. If anyone who reads this blog is going to be in town covering the action, drop be an e-mail. I'm available for airport runs, food runs, and late night whatever. I know a couple pubs we can hit up or, if time permits, the Sharks have 2 home games that week and I can most likely get tickets.

I'm still majorly addicted to TV. Heroes has renewed my faith in quality TV and I'm not sure what I watched before Battlestar Galatica but it couldn't have been nearly as good. I've also got a new guilty pleasure, Men in Trees. There are some hot men in Alaska, McDreamy better watch his back!

My Knee
It was doing really well until last night when I smacked it against the desk in the one spot that hadn't healed yet. I almost passed out from the pain and probably set my full recovery back another month.

I also had the silly notion that working from home would give me more time to blog. Guess we know how that is going! I'll keep trying though. I have a lot to say and you're going to get to hear it whether you want to or not, so stay tuned!

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