Sunday, May 01, 2005

Can You Say Final Table?

I think I am still in shock. The poker gods shined down on me again to help me reach the final table of the WPBT WSOP tournament. It truly was a miracle because I took a big hit in level 6 and didn't think I would make it much further. I had tried a hammer steal in level 5 but got re-raised and had to ditch it. After that I was "stealing" pots with standard raises for a while. Next thing I knew, people were talking about me. Someone on the rail was putting their money on me and one of my table mates was saying I was too aggressive to win. ME......AGGRESSIVE? Not a word typically used to describe me but I'll take it. I think all the attention was making me nervous because that was when I took the hit. Luckily I took out Bugsy66, with my hand of the night KJ, to get back into it. He had Q's but I flopped a K and Bugsy never improved.

Of course this is when Derek, who was playing well, was moved to my table. I realized we were down to two tables and I needed cards. This was when I went card dead. The blinds and antes were eating me up and I couldn't catch a break. I managed to stay alive until the second break but I was in last place with only T2385 and two places to go to make the final table. I was holding my breath and needed to throw-up but I kept getting just enough chips to stay alive. Finally I made it to the final table and, alas, this is where my tale ends. AQ vs AK crippled me and A7 vs. AJ nailed the coffin shut. Both hands lost to Slim999, same person who took most of my stack in level 6. He ended up finishing 2nd and 1st went to ABVidale.

A 9th place finish out of 63 is pretty damn good and I don't think I sucked anyone out or did anything truly atrocious to anyone. That's open to interpretation though.

Thanks to Iggy and Otis for setting it up and everyone on the rail who offered support. Special thanks to Pauly for starting the congratulatory "round of applause" when I went out. The support from the rail was overwhelming but I wouldn't want it any other way!

Is it time to leave for Vegas yet?

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