Sunday, May 29, 2005

Random Sunday: The Me Edition

Here's some random stuff about me, in no particular order. Enjoy!

  • I've had five jobs in five different industries in the past 11 years and that doesn't count all the temp. work I've done in between.
  • I have five step-siblings. Including one that I will probably never hear from again and two that I have never met.
  • I once moved people to tears during an audition for a play but I didn't get the part because I didn't have the right look.
  • I have never done anything while drunk that I later regretted but I have regretted not doing some things while I was drunk.
  • I love to drive but only when there are no passengers in my car.
  • I prefer Universal Studios over Disneyland.
  • My cat is named after my favorite hockey player who used to be a San Jose Shark. (Feel free to leave a guess in the comments)
  • I was baptized on November 11, 2000 at the age of 27.
  • This trip to Vegas will be the first time I have ever played poker "live". Please forgive me when I ask "how much is in the pot" for the 500th time.
  • I flunked college Chemistry and Precalculus. This forced me to change my major at least twice.
  • I don't like milk on my cereal.
  • I have never met my biological grandfather who, as far as I know, is still living.
  • My great-grandmother just turned 96.
  • If I could pick any career I would either be a veterinarian or a NASCAR driver.
  • On September 11th I was supposed to fly to Baltimore. I was at the airport as it hadn't been closed yet and had to explain what was going on to several people in the check-in line when the airport finally was closed.
  • I have never flown internationally and do not have a passport.
  • I collect souvenir shot glasses and celebrity autographs.
  • I spent a weekend assisting Lou Farrigno at an autograph show. I sat 10 feet away from Corey Feldmen and he never said so much as hello. The supporting cast of CHiPs and Mickey Rooney signed photos for me for free while David Carradine charged me $20.
  • I am a huge Star Trek fan but have never been to a Star Trek convention.
  • I have a cousin who is a Pediatric oncologist/hematologist and does cancer research. She is also married with 2 children (4 if you count her husband and the dog).

My brain just shut down so I'll end it right there. Plenty of conversation starters there so feel free to ask me about any of this in Vegas.

For the first time in history a women has led a lap at the Indy 500. How cool is that?!!

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