Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Initially, Things Suck

My visit with my doctor went about how I expected. For most people that would be good but I was going in expecting the worst and hoping to be surprised with good news. The only good news, so far, is no medication. That could change once all the tests are done but for now I'll just have to check my blood sugar once a day and cut back on the carbs. That is probably the worst part because I love carbohydrates. This means that Vegas won't be four straight days of alcohol and Krispy Kremes like I had hoped. Maybe 2 days worth stretched over 4 days instead? My doctor is really cool and suggested half shots of tequila instead of full shots.

So over the next couple of weeks I have another doctor to meet as well as a nutritionist and more followup with my regular doctor. To say I am looking forward to the trip would be a huge understatement. Feel free to send some positive vibes my way via comments, e-mail, or even IM as I could really use some cheering up.

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Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it!

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