Saturday, May 28, 2005

I Married Some Kings And They Did Me Wrong

Just got knocked out of the $1600 guaranteed tourney on UB. I was having a decent tourney until the pocket kings showed their ugly faces. I haven't had a hard time lately with ditching hands that I know are beat but I couldn't fold those damn kings for anything. I kept saying to myself "he has aces, that's why his raising so much, fold you idiot" but did I listen......Of course not or I'd still be playing instead of writing this whiny blog post. I really wanted to smack myself up side the head when I saw that he did in fact have aces but I don't think that would have been punishment enough for the lack of brain function.

Oh well, there were a couple of hand histories that I saved and I may take some time to analyze them a bit over the weekend. Maybe give you all some insight into my thought process. We'll see how my quiet, peaceful weekend unfolds (family is on vacation and the house is all mine).

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