Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I had been dreading it all day. I bought the tickets a few months ago, back when I still considered myself in the Soul Patrol and was trying not to catch the McPheever but, months later, I really wasn't looking forward to the concert. Since it was really a birthday present for my step-mom and my dad was willing to go even though he wouldn't like most of the music, I knew I had to suck it up and go. I figured I could at least make fun of all the screaming 12 year olds in the audience and get some joy out of the evening.

So, there I was at Pop Tarts Presents American Idol's Live on Tour wondering what the hell I was thinking. Matching outfits and cheesy dance numbers was not at all appealing to me. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this was not going to happen (at least until the encore minus the outfits). Each singer had their time on stage to sing 2 or 3 songs. Sometimes there would be a duet when one singer was about to leave and another start their set. Everyone actually sounded pretty damn good even if I don't normally listen to a lot of what they were singing. I won't get too detailed because I know most of you don't watch American Idol and won't have a clue who I am talking about but my favorite part of the show was when Chris, Ace, Elliot, and Bucky, came out and sang "Patience". Yes, the Guns and Roses classic. Bucky and Chris played guitar and they all took turns singing. It took four of them to cover Axl's range but they did it well and it was a cool moment in the show.

So, all-in-all I was very impressed with my first, and most likely last, American Idol concert. We had great seats and they weren't very expensive so it was 2 1/2 hours well spent. Oh, and on the way out, we got a sample of the new Mint Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts. It was an unexpected treat for the long ass walk back to the car.

Now for an Asthma walk update:

I wish I could say the donations are pouring in but, frankly, they are not. I'm wondering if my two previous posts offended people, if everyone is just all tapped out, or if none of you love me anymore. I'm hoping it's the first or second reason because, if it's the third, I'll have to cry myself to sleep. Look, I'm not good at asking for donations and if I upset anyone, I apologize with all my heart as it was unintentional. If you are all tapped out I'll just say, I understand and leave it at that.

As it stands right now, my beautiful twin April is in the lead for blog renaming rights. There is still plenty of time to out donate her so get those donations in and help find a cure for Asthma.

Direct link to my donation page!

A big thank you to April for her support and thanks in advance to anyone else who decides to donate!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

That Sucked

Wow, I just realized how much last night's post really sucked. I've listened to more interesting Public Service Announcements. Look, here it is. I hate exercise, I hate mornings, and I'm hopelessly out of shape but I'm doing this 5K Asthma walk on September 30th, in the morning with bright sunlight shining down upon my very white skin. I am risking a migraine and a sunburn by appearing during daylight hours all to raise some money for Asthma Research and Education.

I know we have all been giving big all year long and it does get tiring not to mention expensive but, even though I can barely pay my bills, I've given almost every time I was asked. Now I'm asking for the favor to be returned. Is Asthma as serious as some of the other illnesses out there? Well, for a child who can't participate in the same activities as his or her friends, Asthma is devastating and every severe attack could be the last if it's not treated properly. Asthma does kill and every dollar earned gets researchers closer to a cure.

So, I am asking every person who reads this blog and every person who I have met in Vegas to help me out. What ever you can afford is fine. I set my goal low because I don't have time to do a charity tournament so I am dependent on your contributions. It would be great to exceed that goal but I'll take what I can get.

Donating is easy, the web page is all set up and it's all electronic so you don't have to worry about me running off with the money (not that I would but I thought I'd say that anyway). So please help me out and feel free to post this link on your blogs if you feel inclined to do so.

Direct link to my donation page!

Thank you in advance and all contributors will be acknowledged on my blog with the highest contributor getting the right to re-name my blog for a week.

The Wheeze Busters Need Your Help!!

Hello to everyone currently reading this post. I'm about to ask for something that many before me have requested and, hopefully, you all aren't tapped out for the year just yet. That's right folks, it's my turn to ask for your charitable donations.

On September 30th I will be doing a 5K walk with some of my co-workers in an effort to raise money for the American Lung Association. Our team name is The Wheeze Busters and this particular walk is to raise funds for Asthma Research and Education programs. I think most of us know someone who suffers from Asthma and how devastating it can be. And if you don't think you know someone who has Asthma, think again because I have it.

I don't talk about my Asthma much because, compared to my other issues, it's not a big deal for me. I'm lucky in that I know what triggers mine and can easily stay away from those activities. I haven't had an attack in over 6 years and I've rarely needed any medication for mine. That makes me one of the lucky ones. Most people with Asthma don't have it so easy and some people even die if not properly treated.

Imagine doing some activity that normal people do every day and, suddenly, you start to feel like you can't catch you breath. You start coughing and start feeling like an elephant is sitting on your chest, crushing your ribcage. It gets harder and harder to breathe and you know that if you don't get help quickly, you may die. That is the reality for many Asthma sufferers every day.

So, I am asking for your donations, big or small, whatever you feel you can afford and maybe we can put a stop to this terrible disease once and for all.

Here is the direct link to my donation page. April's Page

Our team goal is $5000.00. I set my goal at $750 but my personal goal is to raise more money than anyone else on my team. I need your help to do that but please don't feel pressured, just because I've bragged to all my co-workers about how great you all are when it comes to charity, doesn't mean you have to help me out. (PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME LOOK BAD, I BEG YOU ALL).

Actually, whatever you can afford will be greatly appreciated and the person who gives the most will get the great honor of re-naming my blog for an entire week. I know it's not much of an incentive but I don't have much else to offer.

Thanks in advance for your donations and if anyone wants to help me out further by posting my donation page to your blog please feel free!

If you have any questions or concerns you can e-mail me directly at April9807 AT aol DOT com.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

As I Sit Pondering

As I sit here on the couch watching the Degrassi every episode ever marathon, I wonder why my high school wasn't this cool. Then I remember that I live in the real world and my high school was in small town Maine. Sure, we had a Spinner, an Ashley, and probably a Marco, although he probably still hasn't come out, but they weren't nearly as good looking as these kids are. Seriously, I'd have loved high school if I had those faces to look at every day instead of the future rednecks of America.

Actually this is a good lead-in to some dreams I've been having lately. Basically, I go back to high school at my current age in an effort to do better in my classes. Talk about 10 kinds of wrong, why the hell would I want to go back to high school at 33! I had nothing in common with most of those people when I was their age, I'm pretty sure I have even less in common with teenagers now. Besides, if I go to a party where beer is present (and I would have to be drunk constantly if I went back to high school), I'm the one going to jail for contributing to the delinquency of morons. Those little fuckers would just lose their sports privileges for the rest of the quarter (happens every year in my hometown) while I shared a cell with Big Bertha.

I really have no point to this post but then I rarely have a point in any of my posts. I should re-name by blog "Totally Pointless" but what would be the point?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Final Table

I made the final table tonight of a FTOPS Satelitte for Event 6. I think it was the first time I have played a 6-handed tourny so I am pleased with the result although I didn't win a seat. I was the short-stack at the final so I was lucky to get that far. My final hand was actually ahead until the river but that's poker. I've played 2 tournaments since I got back from Vegas and this was my second final table (Bloggerpod was the other).

I hope this is my turning point because I lost a lot of money in Vegas and I wasn't sure I wanted to play anymore. I only played tonight because I needed a break from all the damn work I've been doing. 2 jobs make it difficult to find time to write as I'm either really busy or too tired.

Oh well, I pretty sure no one has missed me anyway.

And if you haven't been checking out the For Peyton charity auctions, get you ass over there. Even if there is no Auction going on you can still give some money to a great cause.