Sunday, May 15, 2005

Big Slick Can Kiss My Ass!

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with the blog entitled Big Slick Nuts. This post deals with the hand also known as AK.

I was doing okay in this evening's WPBT WSOP tournament. I was 2nd for awhile and stayed in the top 10 for even longer. I was getting great hands and, when contested, I was taking down pots. Then, it happened. I was dealt what would become my new least favorite hand.

I don't even remember the specifics, I was watching Survivor and not taking notes, I just remember seeing Big Slick at least 3 times and losing all 3 showdowns. Actually the last one I was really short stacked and figured if I was going to go out it might as well be with the hand of death. I ran into Derek's pocket K's and no help arrived. I went out in 33rd. Not my best showing but better than the other night on Noble.

As I write this there are still 7 competitors left and at least 2 are readers. Will there be a reader victory for the first time in WPBT history?

UPDATE: The bloggers pulled it off again. Joe is going to the WSOP! Congratulations and thanks to Iggy for anothe great tourny!

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