Thursday, March 03, 2005

There and back again

It had been thirty minutes since the opening act left the stage and the crowd was getting anxious. If the opening band been better, or if anyone had known any of their music, maybe the multitude of fans would have been more patient, but I doubt it. It was the headliner we had all paid to see. It was at that moment, when the audience was about to stage a revolt, that the beat started.

At first it was slow, like a heart beating at rest, but it began to intensify in volume and in pace. Suddenly the lights went out and the crowed roared its approval. Small runner lights outlined the circular stage and the beating rhythm continued to grow in intensity as five figures came out to the shadows to ascend the staircase and walk, single file down the center of the stage. Upon reaching the front of the circle they fanned out, standing side by side, and bowed their heads, perhaps in reverence to those who had made this comeback possible. The rhythm continued to build as the audience continued to roar and the objects of many teenage crushes remained standing in a teasing silence.

The rhythm continued towards its climax, as the keyboard player and drummer broke off from their place at the front of the stage to take position behind their instruments. Once they were settled, the guitar players followed suit leaving the lead singer standing alone in the darkness. As the frenzied rhythm finally reached its crescendo the stage lights came on and the band erupted into their first song of the night.

In the course of the next two hours the band Reached For the Sunrise and became Hungry Like the Wolf. It was obvious that many in the crowd thought the lead singer could miraculously Hold Back the Rain. It was then that I noticed the familiar herbal drift through the air as we all witnessed the Union of the Snake and an Astronaut in outer space.

Soon I was transported back in time to the days when I would start to Come Undone only to hear those unfortunate words, “I Don’t Want Your Love”. In my present reality I am no longer bound by these Chains of my past and I look forward to discovering What Happens Tomorrow on Planet Earth. Maybe I will awaken to find a Chauffeur driving me around my Ordinary World. Or, maybe, I should Save a Prayer for the Nice guy; the antithesis of those who have a Notorious place in my past and occasionally surface as a Reflex of my Careless Memories. They certainly didn’t live up to the Wild Boys of my imagination.

The band departed the stage as the crowd screamed for more and of course, moments later, the band obliged. They used the encore for reminiscing about the White Lines in their past that, hopefully, weren’t shared with Girls on Film. Then it was time to say goodbye, but not before sharing one last dance with Rio in the sand.

If you don't have a clue as to what I am talking about and/or you want another take on the evening, check out Maura's re-cap.

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