Sunday, March 06, 2005

Random Sunday

Do you ever find yourself thinking about some little random piece of information that you want to post on your blog but can't really get more than a couple of sentences out about the subject? For me this happens a few times a week and I usually just push the thoughts into the dark recesses of my brain in hopes that they will be forgotten. Sometimes it works but most of the time the thought keeps nagging at me until I do something about it. Enter "Random Sunday".

Every Sunday I am going to pool together all the random bits that I feel are interesting enough to share but not worthy enough for an entire post. So, without further adieu, welcome to the first Random Sunday.

When did roller skating become such hard work? I used to practically live on roller skates, now I can't make a lap around the rink without getting out of breath. Of course if I actually worked out once in a while maybe it wouldn't be a problem. I just find so little joy in exercising.

I came in ninth in a satellite tourny on Full Tilt the other night. Only the top three got seats in the $200,000 tourny they are having next week but a final table is still a good thing, even if my chip stack never rose above the average.

Tomorrow I will be attending the Bay 101 Shooting Star poker tournament. Bay 101 is about five minutes from my house and I have never been there. I'm looking forward to seeing my first live poker tournament. The fact that the object of a major crush happens to be playing tomorrow is merely coincidence. (I will not make a fool of myself in front of Phil Gordon......I will not make a fool of myself in front of Phil Gordon.)

Movie rentals of the week: Garden State, Saw, Mean Creek. Help out the independent film industry and watch one or all of these movies.

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