Friday, March 18, 2005

A nice change

Tonight I participated in the Scurvydog organized Omaha freeroll over on Noble Poker. He's planning on making it a weekly league of freeroll and buy-in tournys with a leaderboard and prizes. I was looking forward to a change from my normal NLHE game so I couldn't wait for it to get started. After Hold'em, Omaha is the only other form of poker I have really played (except in that HORSE tourny) but my experience is still limited so I didn't have high expectations. The great news is that I actually did okay. I finished 23rd out of 76 which was out of the money but still nice.

I think my biggest problem is that I play too many hands. I don't know what the average should be but I am sure I was above it. The cards often looked so good in my hand but then the community cards got thrown out there and turned my cards into crap. I definitely need to read up on this game if I want to do better. Any suggestions as to a good starter book would be greatly appreciated.

And with that I will be heading back to Full Tilt for some more SNG (sit and go) action. I've been playing them almost exclusively the past couple of days and doing fairly well. Probably next week I'll do a full post on my experiences so stay tuned for that and a new "Random Sunday" post as well.

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