Sunday, March 20, 2005

Random Sunday

The Cat Screwed Up My Computer

Actually everyone's computer was screwed-up. My dad's cat stepped on the on/off switch for the power strip where the DSL modem and wireless router were plugged in. I would think the technology could withstand a power outage but that would make sense and some technology just doesn't make sense. Somehow the configuration between the computer and router got messed up and none of us could get on the internet.

Men: Why Are They So Stubborn?

So my dad starts calling the tech hotlines to get some help with the no internet problem. Friday we were up until 2 am. Once my dad discovered it would cost money to get it fixed he decided he needed to try a few more things himself (translate: I had to try some things because I have more knowledge). Fast forward to
3 pm on Sunday and he finally broke down and paid the money. Twenty minutes later and all was fine. We took many notes so hopefully we can fix it ourselves next time.

I Forgot How Bad Dial-Up Can Be

I love Full Tilt Poker (bonus code April98) but it is not dial-up friendly. I am allowed 10 hours of free dial-up a month so I used some to get a poker fix. Let's just say they are lucky the disconnections resolved quickly. I managed a 2nd place finish in at SNG last night.

Finally Some Respect

The SNG last night was the first time I felt I was respected at the poker table. I was down a little and then rebounded to take the chip lead within a couple of hands. I also didn't participate in any chat, even when a couple people were trying to get me going. For some reason this combination put some fear in a couple more experienced players at the table. One replied "April is the only one I fear right now" and another said "she is a good player". Heads-up I was against the one who feared me but I didn't have the chip lead and didn't get good cards at the right time.

Doubled Bankroll

Thanks to my second place finish last night my starting bankroll at Full Tilt has finally double. I will be withdrawing some early this week to deposit for the Poker Stars WPBT tourny on the 30th.

Things That Make You Go "Hmmmmm"

In a ring game a couple weeks ago I had AhQh in mid-early position. I player before me raised pre-flop to half his stack ($2.55). I decided to gamble and call. Flop comes x A x with this guy going first. He goes all-in. Now I have top pair, second kicker and just don't think he has the other 2 aces. I call and he flips up 88. I did a wtf double take. Besides the Ace there was also a 9 on the flop. Two overcards and he goes all-in. Hell I think his pre-flop raise was a bad overbet. Maybe he was trying to steal but I just didn't get it. I won the hand and he left the table.

Recommended Movie: Shaun of the Dead

If you enjoy British humor and bloody Zombie movies you'll enjoy this one. I also rented High Roller (The Stu Unger Story) but haven't watched it yet. Maybe I'll do a mini-review after I see it since it is about poker and gambling addiction.

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