Wednesday, March 16, 2005

79 Days

That's the number of days until I will be on an airplane flying to Las Vegas. That's right, the reservations have been made and I will be arriving on June 3 around 1:30pm. Maura will be accompanying me as we have been trying to plan a trip to Vegas since before my 30th birthday (I will be 32 soon). We got a great deal through American Airlines Vacations and will be staying at the Las Vegas Club Hotel and Casino. I realize this is not blogger central (The Plaza) but it is the sister property and located right next door. I would have stayed at The Plaza but it wasn't a choice through American Airlines and, with the deal we got, I had to take what was available (can you say "cheapest trip ever for four nights over a weekend in Vegas"). We will be staying until June 7th and leaving that morning.

Maura doesn't play poker and I am probably the only poker blog she reads, so feel free to stop by her site and introduce yourselves. Give her an idea of what she has gotten herself into (just don't scare her, the tickets are non-refundable and she hasn't paid me yet). ;)

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