Thursday, March 24, 2005

Call Me Bubble Girl

After an early SNG victory I proceeded to bubble out of the next 3 consecutive tournaments. In all 3 I had the best hand......(wait for it).......UNTIL.......THE.........RIVER. None of my opponents had a bad starting hand but mine was better in all three cases. The guy in the second tourny had 2 outs (remember I have a math disability but I am sure that is accurate) and, sure enough, he got what he needed. In another one my Q's got cracked by a KJ offsuit with the King coming on the river. I think I blocked the last hand of the third one, I was still in shock. Oh well, I guess I can't win them all.

Tomorrow I have 2 tournaments. The first is the poker forum challenge over on Royal Vegas. It's a $5000 freeroll where members of various poker forums compete against each other. I will be representing the Women's Poker Club. I will also be participating in Scurvydog's Omaha league on Noble Poker. I had fun playing in this last week and I am hoping I can improve on my performance, maybe place in the money.

I don't plan on playing any poker on Saturday. I have plans later in the day and have to do a little shopping beforehand. I probably won't be home unti late so I doubt I'll be playing. I think the break will do me some good, at least I hope so. I want to be at my best for the WPBT tournament on Wednesday as that HORSE tourney dropped me in the standings (of course I am listed twice so those two scores need to be combined).

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