Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Shhhh....Don't tell....I'm blogging from work

It's about time

The NHL told the player's association that if a deal is not reached by this weekend, the season will be canceled as soon as Monday. In other news, I tried to find someone who still cares and I had no luck.

Personally, I don't think there is enough time left in the season for play to be meaningful. What team wants to win a Stanley Cup and have an asterik by their name in the record books? As much as I want to see the Cup in the possession of the San Jose Sharks, I really don't know that it would mean as much considering the season would only consist of about 30 games. I'd rather they get the deal worked out and start the pre-season in September. I think that would be more acceptable to fans than an abbreviated season. Of course they have lost so many fans that I don't even know if hockey will be able to survive this lockout no matter what conclusion is reached.

Thankfully, NASCAR starts soon!

Going Full Tilt

After a bad weekend at the tables I have decided to pull all my money out of Paradise and pool it with some tiny bankrolls from a couple of other sites. From there I have decided to deposit the funds at Full Tilt Poker. I have had an account there for a while but have never deposited which means I am still eligible for the 100% first time depositors bonus. They give 120 days to work off the bonus and I think I can do it. I just really need a change of scenery to get my game going again. Then again, it could just be my raging crush on Phil Gordon motivating this decision.

Hmmmm.....Maybe I'll think about that a little more. ;)

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