Saturday, February 05, 2005

I'm a contest winner!!!!

My friend Maura, over at One Ping Only, celebrated her blog's first anniversary last week by having a contest. The object was to create a rough concept for a new reality show. It was basically an anything goes type of contest. After much contemplation I came up with a concept that I could actually see working out (with a little tweaking of course) and submitted it for judging. Well, guess what? I won first prize! (And before people start yelling about it being rigged, judging was done by an independent third party.) So if you want to read my concept click on over to her site and check it out. One hint, it is poker related. Oh, and if you decide to steal my idea, be prepared to pay me off big! ;)

Headhunter Final Table

Last night, while Maura was typing up the post announcing the winners, I was playing in a tournament over at Jet-Set Poker. I have a very small bankroll over there leftover from a deposit I made so I could play in some Women's Poker Club events. I wasn't sure what to do with the money because their micro-limit ring game action isn't very exciting but I needed to take a pill at 1 a.m. and I thought a tournament might be a good idea.

Now Jet-Set isn't my favorite site but they do have these headhunter tournaments that I find to be a lot of fun. Basically there is a bounty of everyone's head, that is based on the player's site ranking, and a nice little prize pool to go with it. There ended up being 87 entries and the top 18 places got paid. I ended up placing 6th and taking out 4 players in the process. I cashed for about $17 total.

The only hand I really remember (because I actually took notes on it) was when I was dealt the Hilton sisters (QQ) shortly after moving to the final table. The flop came KQ6 and I was feeling good. The turn came another King and I wasn't feeling so good but, when the other player went all in I called. I just didn't think he had a king. Turns out I was right as he was holding J10.....He was chasing an Ace. River came a 7 and I doubled up. It was enough chips to keep me in awhile longer. I don't even remember the hand I went out on but they were playing so tight at the final table that I didn't care anymore. I made a move and it didn't work out. I still finished 6th and had a lot of fun.

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