Sunday, February 06, 2005

The big game!

It is a game that is anticipated unlike any other sporting event in history. A day when legends can be born and dreams can be shattered. A day when families and friends gather to eat tons of food and drink massive quantities of beer. You guessed it, I'm about to do a write-up of....................................


That's right ladies and gentlemen, I said the puppy bowl. It was Animal Planets attempt at alternative programming and I gotta say, it was the most horrible waste of TV watching time since Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire. The kicker is that I couldn't take my eyes off the cute little things. I mean seriously, who doesn't like puppies. The problem was it went on and on and on until I was considering using them as target practice*.

Picture a large pen set up to look like a football field littered with dog toys and a couple of dishes of water. Add some puppies of mixed breeds and, well, that's it. The puppies play. The puppies drink water. The puppies play, in the water. There are a few funky camera angles (the water bowl cam) and a horrid soundtrack of music that you wouldn't even hear in an elevator. Oh, and this poor guy, dressed as a ref, who comes into the pen to call a penalty whenever one of the little rascals does his business. It's also his job to clean it up.....On camera!

Unfortunately if you missed it you are out of luck. It looks like Animal Planet sold out of the DVD copies they were offering but there is still time to get your votes in for MVP.

Seriously, couldn't Animal planet have come up with something better?

*Disclaimer: The owner of this blog wants to make it clear that she does not condone the use of puppies for target practice. She actually loves puppies a great deal, as long as they don't live in her house.

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