Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Actual poker content ahead

I've been playing at Full Tilt Poker since Friday night. I made the switch from Paradise Poker mostly out of frustration. I consider myself to be a "break-even" player. I win a little, I lose a little, basically I break even. At this point I wish I could say that, since I switched to Full Tilt, I am now a winning player but, alas, I am still just breaking even. Fortunately I am having way too much fun to care.

I want to qualify that last statement by saying that, on Paradise, I primarily played limit hold'em and on Full Tilt I am playing no limit. That may be why I am having more fun but I also feel I am getting a lot more information about my play. I am starting to see the holes in my game as well as the strengths. I am figuring out the conditions under which I play my best game and the conditions where I should be shutting the computer off. Of course I still get stupid sometimes. Last night I got lucky with my stupidity (or, as the guy who lost called it, my "gutsy" move).

I was dealt Ks Jd. I don't remember what position I was in or what the pre-flop betting consisted of (Full Tilt doesn't have the hand history function activated yet). The flop came 10s 8c 9h, gut-shot straight draw for me. It was down to me and one other guy and he was first to act. He went all-in. I hadn't anticipated this move and he had me covered. It's a $10 max table and I had only bought in a couple hands before. Calling should not have been an option but I thought it through and I couldn't bring myself to believe he had J 7. I was also motivated by an instinct that I have learned to be right more often then wrong. This time it was telling me my queen was coming on the turn. Finally I called and he showed his J 7. The turn card came and, sure enough, there was my queen. River was a jack but it didn't really matter. As the chips were added to my stack I thought for sure he was going to verbally attack me. Had I been in his shoes I would have at least considered it. Instead he said "gutsy call" but I don't think it was meant as a compliment. I know I got lucky on that one and the poker gods evened things out just a little while ago.

Looks like I'm breaking even yet again.

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