Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dumbass Idea

I just unregistered from a SNG on UB after sitting in the waiting room for almost 30 minutes. How ridiculous is that? I thought the point was to sit and, once the table is full, play some poker? Instead, Ultimate Bet "improved" the system by having you sign-up and put your name on a wait list for some undetermined amount of time. It's stupid and the dumbass who thought this up should be fired or, at the very least, smacked up-side the head. Is there something I am missing here because I just don't see how this new format makes any sense? Anyone?

Anyway, in honor of this "new improved" format I am suggesting a new name. How about we start calling them the "sit-and-wait" tournaments? I think it's kind of catchy. Who's with me?

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