Friday, August 26, 2005

Blogger Tourney Madness

Last night the 45 player, $1 SNG on Poker Stars didn't know what hit it when five poker bloggers decided to have a little fun with the fishies. The line-up:

Everyone's favorite Austin blogger and my twin.....April (Currently no blog to link)

Everyone's favorite Canadian blogger.......Joanne

Everyone's favorite dead tired blogger......Drizz

Everyone's favorite pathetic poker blogger......Gamecock

The game started out great, as we were seated and I found no other bloggers at my table. My game plan was to play super tight and let the idiots knock each other out but I found myself with a monster on the second hand of the tournament. I was in the small blind and several players ahead of me decided to limp in. I figured adding 10 more chips wouldn't hurt much so I went ahead and limped with my monster...... A 4 offsuit. I thought I'd end up folding after the flop but the poker gods were shining down on me as the flop came 3 5 2 giving me the wheel. My next step was figuring out how to get some more money out of the hand. I had forgotten that $1 tourneys are really just a giant aquarium.

As first to act I went with a small bet of T60 and found 2 callers. Turn came a K and I fired out T120 and was down to one caller. River is a Q and the flopped flush draw doesn't complete so I know I've got the stone cold nuts. I didn't think my opponent would call so I only bet T200. He raised me all-in and I, of course, called figuring he had a pair. Cards are flipped and it turns out he went all-in with Ace high, he wasn't even on a draw. With that hand I had taken the chip lead and knocked the first player out of the game.

After that it was standard poker with an occasional bluff. The first blogger casualty was Joanne. I didn't see the hand but she evidently was on the wrong end of a bad suckout. We had a chat room going and I realized I was missing some good stuff by not having Gamecock's table open. I remedied that and couldn't believe what I was seeing. No matter what he did he was getting called all the way to the river. He had the chip lead for quite a while but eventually he became the next blogger victim. I'm pretty sure he didn't care as he was having a lot of fun trying to rile up his opponents.

In the meantime I had been moved to my twin's table and later, Drizz ended up there as well. Three bloggers at the same table, time to get serious.

Unfortunately, Drizz was playing in his sleep and didn't last much longer so it was up to the twin's to bring home the victory. I don't remember the exact sequence of events but we both ended up doubling up with pocket 7's and we decided that from here on out pocket 7's are the official hand of the WPBT Twins. Not only did we win with that hand but I took out a player who dared play it against me.

At this point we had both made the money and Joanne was continuing the encouragement. Austin finally went out in fourth place and I found myself shortstacked with one guy having about 70% of the chips. I knew winning was going to be close to impossible so I set my sights on second. I actually made it to heads-up play but was severely out chipped. I fought for a few hands but finally decided that the extra $4 for first wasn't worth it.

I had a great time and want to thank everyone for coming out to play, especially Joanne and April for sticking with me until the end.

Until next time.....

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