Sunday, August 07, 2005

2 Down, 47 To Go

I have just finished my first week of my new diet and I am celebrating my 2 pound loss. If I lose 47 more I'll be back to my high school weight, which is my dream goal but probably not the most attainable goal. I'll definitely settle for 35. Last time I tried this I lost 11 pounds before I gave up, this time I will not fail. I actually feel motivated and have yet to feel as if I am missing out on something. As far as food is concerned, I have tweaked my intake by adding more fruit and removing most sweets. I am making better choices at work and did not deny myself cake when we celebrated a co-workers birthday. I feel no guilt over that choice and probably would have felt worse if I hadn't had the cake. Besides, other than sweets, my diet isn't the real problem.

The real problem is that I never get up off the couch. The only exercise in my life is the walking I do around the hospital as I go to different departments to do EKG's. Most days there isn't a lot of movement and I've discovered that I get winded while getting dressed every morning. Add to that my increased blood pressure and heart rate and it becomes obvious that I needed to make the change. I have done some form of exercise almost every day this week and I am already feeling better. We have a treadmill and cable machine in the house so I don't even have to go to a gym (I hate being around other people while I exercise). The best part is that I can set my laptop on the treadmill and catch up on my blog reading while I walk (not that I'll ever catch up since you all write so damn much). ;)

Poker Content

I finally won a SNG yesterday on UB. When we got 4-handed I had to fold for awhile. There was one player who was sitting out and I wasn't about to go out before him. Once he was blinded out I started to get some cards but we were just exchanging chips for what seemed like ages. Finally the guy across from me was knocked out and I was heads up with a slight disadvantage. Again, we exchanged chips for a bit and at one point I was down to 800 but had the other guy's number and started to build back up. I finally got the chip lead and then crippled him with a hand I don't remember. The last hand I knew he was going all-in (I don't think he could cover the blind but I'm not sure) and I made up my mind to call no matter what. When I saw my cards I knew he was done as I had been dealt The Hammer! A 2 came on the flop but he had paired his Q. I tried not to worry and when the 7 came on the river it was all over. The hammer brought me my first SNG victory since June 11.

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