Wednesday, April 06, 2005


That's my mood this week "whatever". I don't feel like writing so I am just going to leave you with a couple of links and let you all know that I am still around.

First, for all the Amazing Race fans, go check out Maura's site. Every Wednesday she posts her insight's about the show and it's a fun read. Besides, I haven't seen any of you over there introducing yourselves. She doesn't usually bite, loves Krispy Kremes and good beer(not necessarily together but could be persuaded into trying it) plus she will be in Vegas for the blogger madness so saying hello wouldn't hurt.

Second, say a warm welcome new poker blogger Jaxia. She chose my blog as one of the first few links on her new blog (haven't figured out why, but I'll take it) so I thought I'd send some traffic her way. She is well on her way with 3 posts to her credit so far and could use some advice on a recent hand.

And third......I got nothing...told you I didn't feel like writing.

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