Saturday, April 23, 2005

Smuggling Illegal Moose

Last night Maura and I saw the funniest show ever. In fact, we were laughing so hard that Maura almost had an asthma attack. The show was An Evening With Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood. If you have ever seen Whose Line is it Anyway? (British version > American version) you will have a good idea as to the style of the show. Basically Colin and Brad play improve theater games with help, in the form of suggestions and "volunteers", from the audience. While we had great seats, we were not close enough to be "volunteered", which made me extremely happy (ask Maura about the time we saw Brad at The Improv and she was volunteered after I chickened out).

The night didn't start out all fun and games however. While I was on my way to Maura's I realized (thanks to the honking of passing cars) that I had a flat tire. After three phone calls it was decided that I would abandon my car in the McDonald's parking lot and Maura would pick me up. We ate dinner and ended up arriving at the theater with minutes to spare. My dad later fixed my flat and drove my car home for me.

I'm not going to go into a play-by-play of the skits because it wouldn't be half as funny but I do want to mention the one that closed the first half of the show. On the web-site the game is described as follows:

Crime Scene: Colin or Brad is sent out of the theater while the other gathers detailed information from the audience regarding an unusual crime that was committed, including what worn, the scene of the crime, and what evidence was left behind. The "criminal" is then
brought back to the stage. Using a series of obscure hints and clues the criminal is "interrogated" by the other until he confesses, word for word, to the crime committed.

This is the crime Colin had to confess to:

"While wearing a pointy sorcerer's hat, a trenchcoat and hockey pads, I smuggled an illegal moose into the country, put a twinkie under my hat, and mutated Laura's hamster into a tiger. I did this in Portola Valley at the Poop n Scoop, (I forgot this part), and Caber Sales with a talking jaguar (the evidence he left behind)."

It took a while but he did get it word-for word. Every time Brad would say "go with me on this" we knew he was going out on a limb with some weird clue while Colin would just shake his head in either dismay or frustration, it was hard to tell. All-in-all every person in the theater was kept in hysterics for well over two hours.

For more information on the show and other games they play (the mouse trap/alphabet game has to be seen to be believed) as well as the schedule of their upcoming appearances check out the web-site. If they happen to be performing in your neck of the woods, get off your ass and go check them out. You won't regret it!

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