Thursday, April 21, 2005

Quick Update

The money at Full Tilt is gone so I am playing exclusively at Ultimate Bet since I have a bonus to work off anyway. I'll definitely deposit there again but they better stop adding new avatars and get to work on making hand histories available.

Speaking of Ultimate Bet, I played in the $1 last night. Over 1000 entries and I finished 84th for a big 60 cent profit. I had fun though and I deserved the beating I took. I held on to AK when I should have let it go. I might have made an 80 cent profit instead had I not been stubborn. Mourn was also playing and was tearing it up. He had the chip lead for awhile and ended up finishing in fourth.

That's about it for poker. I'm mostly playing ring games with the occasional tournament thrown in for a change. Work and school have kept me busy so I've been playing for relaxation and having better results. Still losing some but not like the last couple of weeks. I also have a couple of more creative posts wandering around in my head. Hopefully I can get them typed up soon but one of my classes entails a lot of typing so I'm not overly enthusiastic to do more.

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