Friday, July 01, 2005

I Want To Be Like Doyle

Un-fucking-believable! 72-year-old Doyle Brunson won his tenth WSOP bracelet at 4 a.m. this morning. Again, un-fucking-believable! From the first moment that ESPN introduced me to Doyle on one of their poker broadcasts I have had a tremendous amount of respect for the man. He is the epitome of what a professional poker player should be. I've never seen him go off on a Hellmuthian rant or give his buddies high-fives when he sucked out on the river. He just sits quietly at the table and gives each and every player his respect while slowly building up his stack of chips. He moves in for the kill but it seems to hurt less coming from a poker legend of such skill, almost like he's doing the other players a favor by knocking them out of the tournament. I stayed up until the finish and I can't wait to see this event on ESPN later this year. I bow down to you Mr. Brunson as you represent everything I hope I can be.

Now go read Pauly's write-up of the event over at Las VegasVegas.

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