Monday, July 04, 2005

I'd Rather Be On Vacation

My nice four day weekend is slowly coming to an end. My poker game has been okay but I still haven't recovered all of my "lost" bankroll. I do feel that I am getting better as a player though. I can identify the donkey's at the table rather quickly and just sit back and wait for a hand to take the chips they seem so eager to give away. On one hand I flopped the nut flush and a couple of players called my raises all the way down to the river giving me a nice little payoff of $11. For a twenty-five cent table an eleven dollar pot is huge.

So this week I work exactly two days and then I am off until July 18th. I wish I was flying to Vegas for the WSOP main event but this isn't vacation time I am taking. As my regular readers know, I have had some health problems recently. In trying to find out what is causing these problems we came across another problem. It seems I have several rather large gallstones in my gallbladder and this probably explains the chest pain I had that first night in Vegas. It also explains other problems I have been having but hadn't gotten around to getting checked out because the passing out thing seemed a little more important at the time. Well, the passing out thing has been put on the backburner and on Thursday of this week I will be having surgery to remove my gallbladder. It's an easy surgery that my surgeon has performed over 6000 times but he likes to be cautious and is having me stay overnight in the hospital. It sucks but it's probably the right thing when my other "stuff" is taken into consideration.

I'll be having the surgery done at the hospital that I work at. Luckily I get a huge discount by having it done there plus I'll probably get a private room for the night. The downside is that I will have no computer access for 24 hours. This really isn't a big deal as I have gone without computer access before but the part that is killing me is that I won't be getting any updates from the WSOP and Thursday happens to be the day that Wil starts playing. Knowing my luck, it's probably the day Phil starts as well. Maybe I can convince the insurance company that I would get better faster if I spent my recovery time in Vegas. Don't laugh, it could work (in an alternate universe maybe)!

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