Friday, June 24, 2005

A Little Bit Of This

For some reason I feel like writing but I don't have any particular topic in mind so I'll just do a little free-form and see what happens.

I guess the first thing on my mind is Jason. I only had a couple of conversations with him in Vegas but that was a couple more than I had with most people who attended the gathering for whatever that's worth. Jason seems like a great guy so I know Charlie had to be very special to be considered "best friend". Jason, I am truly sorry for your loss. I've lost a couple people who meant a lot to me so I have some idea what you're going through. All I can offer is this, take things one moment at a time and allow yourself to grieve.

Moving on to the next thought......

I really wish I was going to the NASCAR race at Infineon Raceway this Sunday. I attended once a few years ago, when is was Searspoint Speedway, and had a blast. Even though it's only a couple of hours away, I took a bus. We got a free T-shirt and lunch with the deal plus they let the buses leave the parking lot before the general public so there was no traffic after the race. It's the only race I have ever been to and, even though it was hot and I got a bad sunburn, I had a great time. I took the older of my 3 step-brothers and he had a fun time also. He is an Earnhardt fan (Sr. was still alive) and I was a Jeff Gordon fan at the time so we always have a fun little rivalry. I prefer Tony Stewart now (we have the same temper) but I still cheer for Gordon from time-to-time. Anyway, I just can't afford to go right now which means I'll have to settle for watching it on the big screen TV in the comfort of my Dad's house.

Next subject.....

After Vegas I decided to make a deposit at Poker Stars. I was doing well in the SNG's and had visions of growing a huge bankroll. About I week later I was almost broke so I have been slowly trying to build it back up to where I started by playing low-limit ring games. I forgot how boring limit can be but I think it's the best way to get my bankroll back in shape. I've been playing the $1 MTT's every once in a while to break up the monotony but have yet to cash in any of them.

How about this....

I am nearing the end of one of the best bottles of wine I have ever had (probably why I am so chatty). I'm not an expert by any means but I know what I like and this Charbono from Summers Vinyard's is awesome. I bought it last year while my mom was visiting from Maine. We spent a few day's in Napa/Sonoma and I read something about the vineyard so we went to check it out. It was small, quiet, and the woman working in the tasting room was friendly. We tried a few and I left with a bottle of the Charbono. I spent a little more than I usually do but it was well worth it. Now that it's gone I'll need to plan another trip to the area, otherwise I have to pay to have it shipped to me, and I would rather use this as an excuse to spend a couple days wine tasting.

And lastly....

I've been thinking about what place I have in the poker blogging community. I have decided that I wish to be known as the red-headed step-child of the community (technically I have red hair and I have step-parents but, I digress). Whenever I am involved with some type of "community" whether it's church, hockey, or poker, I never quite feel like I totally belong. So, in an effort to find my "place", I have decided to embrace this aspect of my personality. No longer will I feel left out of anything for any reason other than I am the red-headed step-child of the group. Damn, I think the wine has gotten to me.

Time to open another bottle!

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