Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Big Day

In a few hours I will be "under the knife" and though I don't feel nervous, I haven't slept well all week which is a sure sign that I am, in fact, nervous. I spoke with my anesthesiologist earlier and he has promised me some good drugs before I go into the operating room, especially since I tend to start shaking uncontrollably when I'm about to do something scary. This was so much easier when I had my appendix taken out. That was emergency surgery so there was no time to think about it. This gall bladder thing I've known about since just after Vegas and I knew surgery was the only option so I've thought of nothing else for about three weeks now. Finally planning it gave me something to focus on but hasn't relieved the fear. The funny thing is that it's not really the surgery that scares me, it's the fact that people I work with will be seeing me at my worst, not to mention the fact that some will see a little more of me than my self-conscious self would prefer. What do I care, I'll be unconscious....Yeah, that's comforting.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the well wishes. My surgery starts at 8:30 a.m. PST so feel free to send some good vibes in my direction if you get a chance. I'll be staying in a private room (working there does have some advantages) and I am sneaking in my cell phone so if anyone still has my number and wants to call me with some WSOP news or to make sure I'm still alive, please feel free. I figure I'll be semi-conscious around noon and probably driving the nurses nuts by 2 p.m. Otherwise I'll make a quick post when I get home on Friday so you'll all know I made it.

Don't forget, the main event starts tomorrow so make sure you check the sites on the right for the best updates on the internet. Good luck to all the competitors, especially Wil and Phil.

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