Sunday, June 12, 2005

This Is The Walk That Never Ends

Upon arriving at the Rio, Maura and I immediately looked for signs directing us to the WSOP. Although Otis was the only blogger left at this point I wanted to check everything out and see how he was fairing. We found the first sign and headed in the direction of the arrow.

An hour later I thought I saw the end of the trail. Crap, it was only the gift shop! We continued to walk and spied Phil Gordon walking towards us. As he passed by, Maura kicked me to make sure I saw him (okay, she didn't actually kick me but she probably wanted to because we were still walking). As our hike continued I started noticing more and more familiar looking faces. We must be getting close. I saw Greg Raymer and David Williams just before we hit the end of the trail. At last, we had made it to the WSOP!

We went in the first set of doors and I stopped dead in my tracks. Before me was a very large room filled with poker tables and a sea of people. It was like stepping into a dream and a nightmare all at the same time. We saw table 194 and Maura suggested we continue to walk down the hall and try another door since we were looking for table 16.

As we walked I got this feeling that there could be bloggers anywhere so I slowed down and started to look for the few faces I knew. All of a sudden I saw Felicia and Al. My first reaction was to continue walking and pretend I didn't see them. No one knew what I looked like so they wouldn't even know I had chickened out. My curiosity got the better of me and I gathered up my courage. I stopped and said something like "Hey, you guys look familiar". Yeah, I'm a dork. At that moment all conversation ceased and I thought maybe I had a booger hanging out of my nose or something. I immediately introduced myself and Felicia took it upon herself to introduce me to the rest of the group. Besides Al, I met Eva, BG, Joe Speaker, Jason, Bobby Bracelet and, of course, April. (sorry if I missed anyone)

Finally the twins were together, was Vegas ready for us? Better yet, was I ready for Vegas!

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