Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I had been dreading it all day. I bought the tickets a few months ago, back when I still considered myself in the Soul Patrol and was trying not to catch the McPheever but, months later, I really wasn't looking forward to the concert. Since it was really a birthday present for my step-mom and my dad was willing to go even though he wouldn't like most of the music, I knew I had to suck it up and go. I figured I could at least make fun of all the screaming 12 year olds in the audience and get some joy out of the evening.

So, there I was at Pop Tarts Presents American Idol's Live on Tour wondering what the hell I was thinking. Matching outfits and cheesy dance numbers was not at all appealing to me. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this was not going to happen (at least until the encore minus the outfits). Each singer had their time on stage to sing 2 or 3 songs. Sometimes there would be a duet when one singer was about to leave and another start their set. Everyone actually sounded pretty damn good even if I don't normally listen to a lot of what they were singing. I won't get too detailed because I know most of you don't watch American Idol and won't have a clue who I am talking about but my favorite part of the show was when Chris, Ace, Elliot, and Bucky, came out and sang "Patience". Yes, the Guns and Roses classic. Bucky and Chris played guitar and they all took turns singing. It took four of them to cover Axl's range but they did it well and it was a cool moment in the show.

So, all-in-all I was very impressed with my first, and most likely last, American Idol concert. We had great seats and they weren't very expensive so it was 2 1/2 hours well spent. Oh, and on the way out, we got a sample of the new Mint Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts. It was an unexpected treat for the long ass walk back to the car.

Now for an Asthma walk update:

I wish I could say the donations are pouring in but, frankly, they are not. I'm wondering if my two previous posts offended people, if everyone is just all tapped out, or if none of you love me anymore. I'm hoping it's the first or second reason because, if it's the third, I'll have to cry myself to sleep. Look, I'm not good at asking for donations and if I upset anyone, I apologize with all my heart as it was unintentional. If you are all tapped out I'll just say, I understand and leave it at that.

As it stands right now, my beautiful twin April is in the lead for blog renaming rights. There is still plenty of time to out donate her so get those donations in and help find a cure for Asthma.

Direct link to my donation page!

A big thank you to April for her support and thanks in advance to anyone else who decides to donate!

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