Friday, August 18, 2006

Final Table

I made the final table tonight of a FTOPS Satelitte for Event 6. I think it was the first time I have played a 6-handed tourny so I am pleased with the result although I didn't win a seat. I was the short-stack at the final so I was lucky to get that far. My final hand was actually ahead until the river but that's poker. I've played 2 tournaments since I got back from Vegas and this was my second final table (Bloggerpod was the other).

I hope this is my turning point because I lost a lot of money in Vegas and I wasn't sure I wanted to play anymore. I only played tonight because I needed a break from all the damn work I've been doing. 2 jobs make it difficult to find time to write as I'm either really busy or too tired.

Oh well, I pretty sure no one has missed me anyway.

And if you haven't been checking out the For Peyton charity auctions, get you ass over there. Even if there is no Auction going on you can still give some money to a great cause.

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