Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Just A Few

I'm just going to take a few minutes and write whatever comes into my head....Consider yourself warned.

Steve Irwin's death was a shock to me. I really liked him and his show and my heart goes out to his family at this time. If that video footage ever makes it on the internet I hope the person responsible gets struck by lightning. No one needs to see it and it isn't how he would want to be remembered. He should be remembered for his conservation efforts, his educational programs, and as a husband, father, and son.

UPDATE: I found a couple of links I thought may be interesting. The first talks about the video and whether it should ever be released to the public. They pretty much agree with me but it is interesting reading.

The second link is the Animal Planet schedule of a couple of very good Steve Irwin shows. The first is The Crocodile Hunter - Steve's Story from 2000 and the second is Confessions of a Crocodile Hunter from 2004. Both tell the story of Steve's life through interviews with him, his family and his friends. I watched both the other night and found them to be very good as well as heart wrenching. If you get a chance check them out, they will be on all week.
I finally saw Brokeback Mountain over the weekend. I was going to do a review but just take the opposite of what everyone in the media said about the film and you'll have my opinion. The worst part is that I will never get those two and a half hours back. There are more convincing gay love stories on the prison drama OZ.

My life is still crazy. I still have two jobs and health issues that won't go away. I see a new doctor next week and maybe I'll finally get answers. I haven't played much poker which is why you haven't seen much writing about it here. I've been playing other games and it's been a nice change. Hopefully I'll find my poker game again soon but for now I'm just going to limit my play until I feel I'm really ready to dive back in.

Now for the 5K asthma walk update. Thanks to those who have donated thus far I am in the lead by a little over $100. I've called out my other team mates and told them they better get their ass in gear before I completely embarrass them. I couldn't do that without all of you but I still need your help.

Direct link to my donation page

The following people have donated money (If you're not on this list, what's your excuse?):
My April Twin
Bobby Bracelet
Mr. Speaker
StB (I think)

and two other people whom I think are bloggers but can't identify be their real names. If you made a donation and aren't identified above please leave me a comment. Seriously I don't know that many real names and that's all I get in the notifications.

Also, twin is still in the lead for blog renaming rights. There are still 3 weeks left to make a bigger donation and steal the prize.

Again thanks for the support and keep spreading the word so I can continue to kick ass.

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