Sunday, January 02, 2005

Starting on a Positive Note

Welcome to my poker blog!

I've been playing poker on-line for about six months and have decided to start this blog in an attempt to analyze my game a little better. One thing you won't see is the exact amount of my bankroll (that's between me and, well, me) but I will share it's ups and downs. On that note, I am currently up due to my best placement ever in the $1 tourney over at Paradise Poker. I came in 16th and cashed for $10.65. Not a bad return on my investment but I wanted to make that final table so bad I could taste it. I was actually a bit disappointed when I went out but I hadn't been getting cards for awhile and didn't have enough chips to bluff at a pot.

This tourney also marked the first time that pocket A's actually came through for me every time I had them (about 3 times I think). I've taken to slow-playing them lately and this got the bigger stacks to bet into me. I then went all-in and they had to call as they were already pot committed. I doubled up twice and tripled up the final time to put me in the chip lead for a good 15 minutes with about 60 players left. It got scary after that. I didn't want to screw up but I wanted to win. It takes a lot of aggression to win and I am just not good at being aggressive. This is probably the thing I need to work on the most. Any suggestions??

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