Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Decisions, decisions!

My bankroll is not growing. I believe I have hit, what in weight loss is called, a plateau. I reach a certain monetary amount and the poker gods say "no more winning for you". Usually at about the +20 dollar mark is when everything comes to a standstill. I'll lose a few bucks, then get it back only to lose it again when I get close to getting +21 dollars. The past 2 days it seems as if I have suffered more bad beats than is the norm for micro-limit (since we all know that on-line poker is rigged, this makes sense). I mean I can't win with anything and it feels as if I may be at a crossroads but I am not really sure what the right move is. I guess I can start by examining the wrong moves. I can't move up in limit, I don't have the bankroll to support .25/.50. I can't move to no limit because I am not comfortable there and I think I would be way to passive. So what options am I left with?

I could take a closer look at my table selection. I usually look for a table where about 50% of the players are paying to see the flop. Less than that seems too tight and more seems too loose. The problem is that the turnaround on these tables can be fast. The table I sat down at 15 minutes ago could be completely different in another 5 minutes. Sometimes even quicker than that and I may not really notice the change until my buy-in is gone.

Another thing I could do is pack up the bankroll and move it onto another site. Poker Stars and Ultimate Bet both have micro-limit tables, as do some of the other sites I have played on before. I could choose one and see what happens. Of course there is no guarantee that I would do any better on another site.

Of course I could also take a break for a day or two and then try again on Paradise. That would be the easiest option but I don't know that it would be the best option. As much as I like the site, I am getting really bored and boredom could be the root of my problem. I play the same type of player, the same way, every time I play. I am paying less and less attention to what is happening in between the hands that I actually play.

So, is it boredom, table selection, just plain old bad luck, or that thing called variance that I have heard so much about? I honestly wish I knew.

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