Thursday, January 13, 2005

Me April.....You Wil.....Sign book....Please?

That is what I will probably be reduced to tomorrow night, caveman talk. See, tomorrow I will be embarking on a journey of great importance. I, along with my trusty traveling companion Maura, will be taking the train to the city (South Bay speak for San Francisco) to listen to Wil Wheaton read from his amazing book, Just A Geek. After the reading I will be getting my copy of the book signed and the conversation will probably go much like the heading above, if I can even get that much out. For some reason, when I get around a celebrity, I regress to the early years of my life when my vocabulary consisted of a few very short words and getting any word out was a great victory. Maura can attest to this phenomenon as she has been with me on 2 other occasions where I suddenly lost my ability to speak while in the presence of celebrity. I guess it's better then the alternative. I could get all stalker fangirl and go on about the big crush I used to have on Wesley and how, if I wrote the script, Wesley would have had a girlfriend that, surprisingly, looked a lot like me.
Oh yeah...That's much less embarrassing! Wish me the best and I promise to have a full report up after the event.

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