Saturday, May 03, 2008

Not enough time!

How the hell did the whole month of April go by without me making one post? It's not like I didn't have stuff going on that I could write about. For example:

  • I had another birthday.
  • My great grandmother had her 100th birthday and I went back to Maine to celebrate.
  • I had a beer shower at a hockey game and no matter what some of you may think, it was not enjoyable.
  • Speaking of hockey......The Sharks are driving me insane!
  • I've been trying to catch up on my TiVo but the shows just keep piling up. I think I watch too much TV. Really, aside from BSG, what's the point?

Going back to the beer shower, it may not have been so bad if it had been a decent beer. You know, a Guinness or Sam Adams, but no, it was Bud and I can't stand Bud. I hate the color, the smell, and the taste. The only time I drank one was because it was free, my sinuses were clogged due to allergies so I couldn't smell it, and it was so cold that my taste buds froze so I couldn't actually taste it. Of course I may not have been all that upset about the beer shower if the Sharks had actually won the game!

And last, but not least, I will be in Vegas in June. Once again I will have an extra bed at a secret, off-strip location. I will also have a rental car but, should anyone decide to room with me, please understand, I will not be your personal driver. I will also not help you if you drink so much you puke and if you pass out somewhere, I will leave you there. If I suspect alcohol poisoning I may call an ambulance for you but I will not do CPR if you stop breathing, even if you are good looking and single. If you're rich I may be willing but you'd have to show me a bank statement first. Anyway, if those terms work for you let me know and I will think about it. This is not first come, first serve. I have the right to refuse anyone for any reason or no reason at all. That said, I can be bribed.

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