Saturday, March 29, 2008

Try Again

My phone interview did not happen yesterday. Apparently the woman who was supposed to call me had to leave the office for some unspecified reason and would not be able to conduct the interview. It has been rescheduled for next Friday since they only do phone interviews on Fridays. For those who are wondering about the interview, it is with Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. They do great things there and I have always wanted to be a part of it. I'm just not sure about the whole moving to the middle of nowhere thing. Plus, I'm not sure they are going to pay enough for me to be able to keep up with my bills and be able to rent a place to live. I've already decided I will probably have to cut out food in order to make ends meet. My dad is convinced they are a cult but he is being as supportive as he can be. I think he is scared I may actually move and leave him alone with my step-mother.

How about a poker update since this is supposed to at least partially be a poker blog? I haven't played any poker in over a month. There is your update!

I am still doing freelance work. One of my clients renewed his contract with me and plans to continue to do so for awhile. He has a lot of work for me. It's boring and tedious but it pays well. I also just got awarded another job so things are definitely looking up. If this can become more regular, I will quit the hospital for good. I just wasn't cut out to work with people I guess.

I am planning to be in Vegas in June so, if you are going, I'll see you then. I'm thinking about hosting a Stanley Cup party at a sportsbook but that isn't set in stone yet. Let's just say if the Sharks are still in it, there will be a party of some kind!


Buffalo66 said...

I will be rooting for the Sharks since you now have Soupy.

The Sabres management are certified dumbasses for letting Drury, Briere and Campbell all get away.

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