Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Couldn't Wait?

I think I may have been a little harsh at the end of that last post. Then again, I wasn't actually serious, well I was serious about the puking part. If you start puking, I'm running in the other direction. You'd think working in a hospital I would become accustomed to things like that but when bodily fluids and vomit start coming out of a person, I leave the room. If I didn't, the patient wouldn't be the only one spilling their guts on the floor.

Now that I've given you a nice visual, how about some bitching about work? As I mentioned before, I work on a per diem basis at the hospital which means I fill in if I'm available. I've been less and less available lately because all my co-workers do is bitch and whine about everything under the sun. I really can't stand to work with any of them and certainly don't want to work for any of them. I mean, they freak out so much about who's going to cover a shift when someone goes on vacation that they felt the need to call me while I was on vacation to ask if I could work two days at the end of June. AT THE END OF FUCKING JUNE, and it was the middle of April. Seriously, this couldn't wait until I got back? I politely told them I would let them know when I got back if I was available and then I waited 2 more weeks to tell them, just to watch them squirm.

As if that wasn't bad enough, when I got back to work after my vacation I arrived to find that the door to our department had a new coded lock on it and no one had bothered to call me with the code. They called me to ask me to work 2 days at the end of fucking June but they couldn't call to tell me the damn code to unlock the door? A lock on a door that hasn't been locked for the past 26 years! Now, all of a sudden we're concerned with patient confidentiality? The only good thing is now I don't have to worry about someone walking in on me while I'm playing on my laptop. I get a nice little warning whenever someone types the code into the key pad and can hide the evidence.

Yes, I take my laptop to work on the weekends, I get bored when it's not busy and what's the worse thing that can happen, I get fired? I'm the only person they have who works the weekend shift and there really is no one else to take my place. My chances of getting fired are slim but it won't stop me from trying. I may have to fire up some poker this weekend. Gambling at work must be against some rule and if not, there is always porn.

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