Sunday, March 04, 2007

What The Frack!!!!!!!!!!

I just got done watching Battlestar Galactica and I'm in total and complete shock!!!!! If you don't watch you can skip this post and if you do watch and haven't watched yet....What the fuck are you waiting for??? I won't ruin it for the Tivo crowd but have I said "What the fuck" yet? I realize there is probably more going on then meets the eye (Cylon anyone?) but right now I can't believe it! Even as it was happening I didn't think it was happening. After the credits rolled I expected someone to come on the screen and say, "Ha, ha, early April Fool's". Hell, the TV is off and I'm expecting it to come on my screen.

What are the writers thinking????


kipper said...

I have it on Tivo. And now you have me wondering I will probably watch it tonight.

CJ said...

It's pretty clear she's not really dead. After all... she's got a "destiny" and they never explained the stupid picture.

I'm almost completely fed up with the show. Might as well be Lost as far as I'm concerned.

Chipper said...

I'm one of the unlucky ones who have to wait for BSG to come out on DVD to get my fix. Please don't tell me they are killing off Starbuck. I know this weeks episode was focused around her from scanning the SciFi channel site. I'll bet they simply made it look as if they "offed" her but come on - they can't really kill a main character when season 4 has just been announced for next year.

B said...

I think she is one of the unrevealed Cylons. Why else would there be a cylon to help her 'transition' to the next life? Next time we see Starbuck she'll be waking up in a resurection ship.


California April said...

I agree with you Byron. I expect her to wake up in a tub of goo before the end of the season. They did say another Cylon was going to be revealed.

Of course it could be something completely different but that would require more thought and I don't have that much brain power.

Hang in there CJ, I think it's starting to get back on track. And there isn't nearly as much that has gone unexplained as on Lost.

The shock has worn off a bit but damn, she is my favorite character, she better not really be dead.