Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Little Bit of Everything

I didn't play much poker in February. I thought that since I was working from home I would have more time for poker but, the truth is, I have less. Or maybe I'm just bored and need a break from the game. I made the decision at the end of January to stop playing above my limits (I know I should have been doing that all along) and I've been sticking to it. The 25 cent tables are boring as hell. As for $1.25 sit-n-go's, well, they are all-in crapshoots. I usually just sit and wait for good cards and can get in the top four. Of course, top 3 pays so I've bubbled a few times and taken third a lot. I have yet to win because I suck at heads up. But, with my bankroll, I have no business playing at higher levels.

And, I'm registered. Are you?

Bay 101 Shooting Star
It's almost time for the WPT's stop in the Bay Area. The week of March 12th all the big names will be in town with bounties on their heads. I'll be making the 5 minute trek to the card club to check out the action and I'll be back here with my take on the action. If anyone who reads this blog is going to be in town covering the action, drop be an e-mail. I'm available for airport runs, food runs, and late night whatever. I know a couple pubs we can hit up or, if time permits, the Sharks have 2 home games that week and I can most likely get tickets.

I'm still majorly addicted to TV. Heroes has renewed my faith in quality TV and I'm not sure what I watched before Battlestar Galatica but it couldn't have been nearly as good. I've also got a new guilty pleasure, Men in Trees. There are some hot men in Alaska, McDreamy better watch his back!

My Knee
It was doing really well until last night when I smacked it against the desk in the one spot that hadn't healed yet. I almost passed out from the pain and probably set my full recovery back another month.

I also had the silly notion that working from home would give me more time to blog. Guess we know how that is going! I'll keep trying though. I have a lot to say and you're going to get to hear it whether you want to or not, so stay tuned!

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