Monday, September 11, 2006


Time for another 5K Asthma walk donation update.

First, there is a new leader. Chilly has edged out my twin and has a good chance of getting the opportunity to rename my blog for a week. I won't repeat what April said when I revealed this news to her but if I were you Chilly, I'd be watching my back.

Second, there is still time to make donations and to make an even bigger donation than Chilly to take the renaming rights away. I haven't reached my personal goal yet and my team still needs a lot of help with the team goal so please keep donating.

Direct link to my donation page

And now, thanks to everyone who has gotten off their ass and donated.

My April Twin
Easycure and Easycure's mom
Bobby Bracelet
Mr. Speaker
Donkey Puncher

Again, thanks for the donations and if you haven't donated yet PLEASE DONATE SOON!!!! PLEASE!!!!

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