Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's That Time Again!

Tomorrow I leave for Vegas for the WPBT summer gathering. I so need this vacation. Between the 2 jobs and health issues I seriously need a break. That being said, if anyone catches me anywhere near a computer you have my permission to slap me upside the head. The 2nd job is all on the computer and if I am near one it means I am checking in even though I have told all my co-workers that I will not, under any circumstances, go near a computer or answer their phone calls. That may sound extreme but they have been driving me up a fucking wall! Make one tiny mistake and they are all over me, save their asses constantly and barely hear a peep.

Enough of that, no more work talk for the duration.

I get into Vegas around 5pm Vegas time and about 2 minutes after checking out the room, I will be in line at Krispy Kreme. We have Krispy Kreme nearby but not eating them in Vegas just seems so wrong. After procuring my donuts I will be awaiting Hella Shelly's arrival and we will be heading out to dinner, possibly with a few others in tow.

From there the possibilities are endless. There will be drinking, poker playing, and all sorts of other blogger shenanigans. I'm ready for just about anything but mostly I just want to hang out and get to know some of you better. Oh, and win a hour long private lesson with Phil Gordon.

See you in Vegas!

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