Friday, January 09, 2009

TV Rant - Grey's Anatomy

WARNING: There may be spoilers, read at your own risk.

I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  He plays a hot dead guy and, let's face it, playing dead has kind of become his niche, but his storyline on Grey's has got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen! If the show hadn't yet jumped the shark, and I personally think it jumped when Meridith didn't die, it definitely jumped the day Izzie had sex with a dead guy.  The thing is, I can't stop watching!  I need to know where this crazy storyline is going.  Is Denny there to take Izzie to the great beyond and, if so, how is she going to die?  Will Eric Stoltz slit her throat or will Christina finally try to murder Meredith only to have Izzie jump in the way and get killed instead?  

Really people, why is this Izzie banging a dead guy storyline so surprising?  Did we really take a show that uses the nicknames McDreamy and McSteamy so seriously in the first place?  Sure it makes no sense, but when has this show really made sense?  The interns don't look any younger than the residents.  They've had explosions, floods, and a bunch of other tragedies at the hospital.  Derek is in love with Meredith.  Does any of that really make sense?  

Let's just enjoy this show for what it is, a guilty pleasure that isn't taking itself so seriously.  Truthfully, there are enough serious dramas out there with Law & Order, CSI, Bones, House, and Ghost Whisperer (ok, maybe not Ghost Whisperer) that I don't mind a little bit of stupidity in my week.  As I said, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is hot and I can withstand a dumb storyline to see more of his hotness.  I just wish he'd change his clothes, that gray shirt is driving me nuts.  You would think that if a dead guy could have sex, he could change his clothes every once in a while.  

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