Sunday, June 08, 2008


If you have been following me on Twitter (CaApril) then you know I am in Vegas and played in the 5pm MGM tournament. If you don't follow me (or anyone else) on Twitter then you must be named Steve.

During the tournament I made 3 mistakes that probably would have kept me alive to the final table. My first and second mistake were the same which makes the second one much dumber than the first. Basically I should have bet the river but I chickened out and checked it. I was last to act and I got scared. There really is no room in poker for fear and that is my biggest weakness. I don't know that betting the river would have got me any more money but I should have taken the shot.

My third mistake was folding pocket 7's pre-flop with a large raise and an all-in in front of me. It was right after the break and the structure had turned the tournament into a push fest. Really, any pocket pair should have been a push and I balked. The worst part was when a 7 came out on the flop. Talk about a sinking heart.

Anyway, for my first live non-blogger tournament I think I did okay since I did make it to the final 2 tables despite playing like a wuss. The fact that I can recognize my mistakes means I can only go up from here and I will hopefully not make the same mistakes again.

One more day in Vegas and I'm not sure what I plan to do. More poker, another tournament, or something unrelated to poker. Any suggestions?


StB said...

Damn tweeting should be banned!

DrChako said...

How'd you do in the MG tourney? I hope you kicked ass.

Great seeing you. I hope I wasn't too obnoxious.


Zeem said...

twas good to see you. what's tweeting?

GoogleLuckyDays said...
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