Tuesday, June 17, 2008


As my regular readers know I have been working from home on freelance projects for a few months now. I am at a point where I feel I need to be a bit more professional and come up with a business name. At the moment I go by CaApril which isn't exactly a businessy sounding name. I am looking for a name that will say something about me and something for which a logo may be designed for at some point in time. It could also become an official business name if I decide to go that route.

This is where the contest comes in....send me your suggestions and you may win a $50 gift certificate to any retailer listed on GiftCertificates.com.

Basically I do online research, data entry and other administrative tasks. I am focusing on the research though as there is less offshore competition.

Send your suggestions to April9807 - @ - yahoo DOT com

I reserve the right to not select any if they all suck but I somehow doubt that will happen. If I like more than one suggestion, it may be put to a vote or the winner may be selected from a hat...whatever strikes me at the time. You may submit more than one suggestion if you wish. The more original and unique the suggestion, the better chance you have of winning. Contest will end when I feel like ending it which could be at any time so don't wait.

Only suggestions sent to my e-mail will be considered as I don't check my comments here very often.


peacecorn said...

If I haven't provided you with the best name, I'm sure to be 1st runner up. Yes? Yes?

StB said...

If I would win could I demand everyone stop tweeting in lieu of a gc?

Anonymous said...

hi mate, this is the canadin pharmacy you asked me about: the link

Maura said...

Not the canadin pharmacy!! Anything but that! You have options, girl, don't go down that canadin road. ;-)