Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Next Time, Slap Me!

I don't know what I was thinking last year when I agreed to go back to work at the hospital. I guess it was the money talking or something. I have to give credit to Maura and TxApril for their concern about my decision to go back. Between the two of them they must of asked if I was sure at least 20 times. I replied that, since it was only on the weekends, it would be fine. I thought the drama wouldn't seep into the the weekend shift since I would be by myself but it has and it's even worse when I fill in during the week. Apparently, even though I am per diem, I am taking too many weekends off. I never signed an agreement saying I would work every weekend and I'm not getting paid any extra for working weekends even though there is a program that does pay more for giving up your weekend. So, let's evaluate these vacations.

In December I missed one weekend due to the blogger gathering. There was plenty of notice and no one seemed to mind.

Then I had the chance to go to Australia and I missed 2 weekends. Apparently all my co-workers did while I was gone was bitch about having to work weekends but I doubt if any one of them would have passed up the opportunity I had to do something I have always wanted to do.

My next trip is in a couple of weeks. My great-grandmother is going to be 100 years old and I am NOT going to miss it. I scheduled the trip so I would only miss one weekend even though I usually go back east for at least 2 weeks.

After that is June in Vegas with bloggers. I got a great price on airfare and will probably stay at the secret location again. Plus, I need to see and hang out with all my crazy blogger friends. I feel good about myself when I am around everyone and I just feel refreshed when I leave because I don't have to pretend to be someone else for a few days. The trip is one fucking weekend in June, my co-workers need to get over it.

Now for the kicker, my mom is visiting in July. She wants to go to Disneyland and I've been promising for years to get her there. This summer I am going to do it. She's my mom, she's getting older and she deserves a trip to see Mickey before she gets to old to enjoy it. I may miss one weekend though I haven't completely figured it out yet. I did notify my co-workers though because I'm too fucking nice and figured they wouldn't get angry if they knew far enough in advance. Apparently someone in the department isn't happy as my manager mentioned that if someone else wanted that time off in July, I would probably have to work. Um.....I'm per diem, I'm supposed to be able to say no whenever I want. I guess what per diem really means is that I'm everyone's bitch. I work weekends and whenever they want time off or are sick or need to wash their hair. Seriously, every other department has more than one per diem to fill in, why don't we?

None of this may matter in a few days anyway. I have a phone interview for a job in another state. If the interview goes well I will be spending two weeks at the location on a try-out basis to see if I like the job and area. If I completely fall in love with it, I'm moving the hell out of Dodge. If it turns out to not be for me, I may still leave the hospital. I obviously have no friends in this department and feel I owe them nothing. I've always tried to think of them in the past when planning my life but I give up, I can't please them. Besides, no one should be made to feel guilty about spending time with family whether they are related by blood or the Internet. I've made due without this job before and I can certainly do it again. And please, once I do leave, make sure I never, ever go back....even if it means slapping me upside the head!


April said...

Good luck with the interview!!

peacecorn said...

Good luck! (And WHERE?)

Maura said...

Slap you next time -- check!

Congrats on getting the phone interview; you know we'll be rooting for you.