Friday, December 28, 2007


First I would like to thank Mr. Smartass for his comment on which MP3 player to buy, it was soooo helpful.

Seriously, thanks for the advice to everyone who commented. I decided to go with the Sansa View because Best Buy did not have the Zen and I was using a gift card so going to another store was not an option. Besides, I got a 16GB View for the same price as an 8GB Zen.

Once I got it home, the fun began. I had to go to the Sansa web-site to find the manual so I could figure out how to turn it on. I guess math is not the only thing I find challenging. As soon as I was done feeling like an idiot, I started downloading music. This is where the real problem started. I signed up with Rhapsody because I get a month free from Best Buy. Every time I start to transfer music, the site freezes after a few songs. I have to close the site, then reopen it to continue the transfer and then it just freezes again after a few songs. It has taken way longer than it should to get my music downloaded. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm wondering if it is the web-site, my laptop, or the MP3 player? It's just a really big pain in the ass so if anyone has any insight on this problem I would really appreciate it.

So, I have a new addiction. My little MP3 player has been glued to my ear for 24 hours now. It's so nice to listen to music and know I'm going to like each and every song that comes through the headphones. No more scanning radio channels looking for a good song. I have just under 200 songs downloaded already and I'm open to suggestions for more. What's on your MP3 player? Tell me in the comments.


change100 said...

If you're into indie rock, check out this page on Pauly's music blog. Yummy yummy downloads!

Zeem said...

A great tool for learning about new music is Pandora radio ( It's like a radio station that learns what you like. It's free.

Happy 2008!