Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm sure at least one poker blogger has posted about this already but I'm way behind on my reading. Plus, it gives me something to blog about and it involves poker.

Professional poker player Jean-Robert Ballande is a contestant on this season of Survivor. I had no idea until I tuned in earlier this evening and heard Jeff Probst introduce a professional poker player. I looked up at the screen and there he was. At that moment I knew who I was going to be rooting for this season, though it would be easier for me if he would keep his shirt on. He does not have a body like James.

Jean-Robert's poker skills should put him at an advantage. Survivor and poker really aren't that different. They both take skill, with a little bit of luck thrown in, for a person to be successful. He needs to observe his opponents, find their weaknesses, and strike at the appropriate time. If he can do this, he might stand a chance.


Peter said...

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Henri said...

Wow, I wish we had survivor up here in cold scandinavia. Maybe I'll have to download the eps if it gets interesting. Keep us posted!